What is a Hygiene Passport?

Have you ever wondered what a Hygiene Passport is, when it is necessary and where you can obtain one? In this Back to Basics blog series, we delve into the fundamentals of food hygiene and Hygiene Passport. In the first part, we have compiled all the essential and up-to-date information about the Hygiene Passport.

What is a Hygiene Passport?

Hygiene Passport is a certificate that verifies a person's competence in food hygiene. The certificate comes in the form of a physical paper document and a plastic card.

This is what a hygieniapassi looks like (sample images):

What is the purpose of Hygiene Passports?

The purpose of Hygiene Passports is to promote general food safety in Finland by ensuring that individuals working in the food industry can handle food safely and hygienically.

"Food workers bear a significant responsibility for food safety." Anja Pouttu, Hygiene Passport examiner and trainer.

Where is a Hygiene Passport required?

Hygiene Passport is required when work tasks involve handling unpackaged and easily perishable food items. It is often required in places such as cafes, restaurants, kiosks, grocery stores, and daycare centers. In many cases, having a Hygiene Passport can be advantageous even if it is not strictly necessary for the job.

When should a Hygiene Passport be obtained?

Hygiene Passport must be obtained within three months from the start of employment. This also includes any previous work experience in the food industry where a Hygiene Passport was required.

How to obtain a Hygiene Passport?

You can obtain a Hygiene Passport by participating in and passing the Hygiene Passport test. Hygienepassport.fi organizes numerous tests throughout Finland. Visit our website to see the available test options and register for a test!

What is the price of a Hygiene Passport?

The price of a Hygiene Passport depends on whether you take the regular test or a special situation test.
  • The regular test is priced at 54 € (a 45-minute test in Finnish, English, or Swedish).
  • The translation test is priced at 99 € (a test in another language e.g. Russian, Chinese, Farsi or Spanish)
  • The special situation test is priced from 99 € (for translation tests in other languages or tests conducted using Braille or sign language, for example).

When should a Hygiene Passport be renewed?

Hygiene Passport does not require renewal; it is valid indefinitely. This means that once you obtain a Hygiene Passport, it does not expire according to the current legislation. However, if you have lost both the paper certificate and the card, you need to apply for a replacement and potentially retake the Hygiene Passport test. For detailed instructions, refer to our website or contact our knowledgeable customer service.

Still have questions?
Check out the frequently asked questions section on our website or reach out to our expert customer service team. Send a message to info@hygienepassport.fi or call 0400 809 009 (Mon-Fri, 10 AM–1 PM).

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