Hygiene Passport – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hygiene Passport needed for?

When and where can I take a hygiene proficiency test?

How can I sign up for the hygiene proficiency test?

How much does the hygiene proficiency test cost, and what methods of payment are accepted?

What is the hygiene proficiency test like?

How can I prepare for the hygiene proficiency test?

What areas are covered in the hygiene proficiency test?

Do I have to participate in a course in order to get the hygiene passport?

Can I have a temporary hygiene passport right after the hygiene proficiency test?

What are acceptable forms of identification?

Can the questions of the test be interpreted for someone who does not understand the test language?

The person doing the test has dyslexia; can he or she have more time to do the test?

Are dictionaries allowed during the hygiene proficiency test?

I did not pass the hygiene proficiency test. Is it possible to go through my answers?

How long does it take to receive the certificate and Hygiene Passport?

For how long is my Hygiene Passport valid?

I have lost my Hygiene Passport; what do I do?

I have the another country's hygiene passport. Is this hygiene passport valid in Finland?

What do hygienepassport and hygiene proficiency certificate look like? 

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What is a Hygiene Passport needed for?

According to the National Food Act, an employee must have hygiene proficiency if his or her work tasks include handling unpackaged or perishable food products. Hygiene Passport is needed, for example, when working in coffee shops, restaurants, industrial kitchens, kiosks, fast food establishments, grocery stores, day care centres or factories that manufacture food products.

One must acquire a Hygiene Passport no later than within three months of starting a food related job. Any previous food industry work that requires a Hygiene Passport is also considered to be part of this three-month period.

When and Where can I Take the Hygiene Proficiency Test?

Hygienepassport.fi organizes weekly Hygiene Proficiency Tests all over Finland in Finnish, Swedish and English. Tests translated to other languages like Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Russian, Estonian and Spanish are also arranged. Tests are arranged if there are at least five participants willing to join the test. It is also possible to arrange private tests and courses for groups at the agreed location in Finland. Ask for an offer!

How can I sign up for a Hygiene Proficiency Test?

Test times and places can be found on our website Hygienepassport.fi, where you can also sign up for our tests. At the moment, the system operates in Finnish and in English.

How Much Does the Hygiene Proficiency Test Cost, and What Methods of Payment are Accepted?

Hygiene Proficiency Test prices vary between different test types and payment methods. The tests open for everyone cost 40 – 120 €. Prices are shown next to each listed test when you click ''Register''.

The test can be paid via online bank or right before the test in cash (if the cash option is available). Invoicing for consumers is available through the online payment option and for companies by an email request.

The receipt of the online payment and the cash payment will be sent to your email after the payment is completed.

What is the Hygiene Proficiency Test Like?

The test is comprised of 40 true or false questions. To get a Hygiene Passport, one must answer a minimum of 34 questions correctly. The minimum time to do the test is 20 minutes. There is no maximum time limit to conduct the test (except normal tests*).

*Normal tests are in Finnish/Swedish language. The time limit for the test is 45 minutes. Special arrangement tests are all the other tests that are somehow different from normal test (for example, by language).

How can I Prepare Myself for the Hygiene Proficiency Test?

We recommend you to go profoundly through all seven subfields of food hygiene before the test (see the list below). In case food industry is new to you, it is highly recommended to familiarize yourself to the vocabulary and terminology in advance as well. Hygienepassport.fi sells useful written material in FinnishSwedishEnglishArabicThaiSpanishChineseTurkishRussian and Estonian languages. You can purchase material from the Hygienepassport.fi online store. You can also practice for the test in Finnish/English on Trainify.fi.

Food hygiene subfields

1. Microbiology
2. Food Poisonings
3. Hygienic Work Practices
4. Personal Hygiene
5. Sanitation
6. Own-check Practices at Food Premises
7. Finnish Food Legislation and Authorities

Do I have to Participate in a Course in order to get the Hygiene Passport?

It is not compulsory, but it is highly recommended to participate to the course in order to enable the success of the test. The upcoming courses and registration can be found on Hygienepassport.fi Training section

You can also practice independently for the test via Trainify.fi

Can I have a Temporary Hygiene Passport Right after the Hygiene Proficiency Test?

Yes. If you pass the test, you will receive the temporary certificate to your email by request. It is valid till you receive the actual Hygiene Passport by post. The temporary Hygiene Passport can be shown to your employer before receiving the official Hygiene Passport. 

Do I Need ID in the Hygiene Proficiency Test?

The Hygiene Proficiency Test participants must prove their identity with an official, valid ID with a picture to the test instructor.

Approved ID's:

  • An identification with a picture approved by an authority (Police) including an official identification card, passport and driver's licence (a moped licence is also acceptable)
  • An alien's passport and a refugee travel document
  • A stamped document, given by the police or Finnish Border Guard, which proves your passport is in the possession of an official. The document must include a copy of the passport.
  • Accepted by immigration office refugee, asylum seeker or other immigrant residence permit and resident card.
  • Refugee centres client card, including a picture and refugee's ID number

Not valid proof of identity:

  • Expired driving licence, passport or ID card
  • Finnish Kela card with no picture
  • Finnish military passport
  • Photocopies of ID cards, passports or other documents
  • Any form of identification in which it is easy to change the photo or does not have a name or a social security number.

Can I Take the Hygiene Proficiency Test without ID?

According to the regulations of Finnish Food Authority, the test instructor has to check the identification of the participant when the test paper is returned to the instructor. Identification can be proved only with an official valid identification card. Participant's parents cannot do the identification in participants favor.

If the Hygiene Proficiency Test is arranged as a part of one's education (comprehensive school, upper secondary school, occupational school) and the participant does not have the identification card, the participant's teacher can identify him. This practice cannot be applied in open Hygiene Proficiency Tests.

Can the Questions of the Test be Interpreted for Someone who does not Understand the Test Language?

Using an interpreter in a Hygiene Proficiency Test is possible if the participant can't take the normal Hygiene Proficiency Test and can't do the translated test in writing. If the Hygiene Proficiency Test is arranged with the interpreter, the instructor will arrange an independent interpreter to the test and will make sure there are no links (family, friendship, work) between the interpreter and the testee. The interpreter only reads the claims and cannot help the testee in any way during the test.

Is it Possible to get More Time to do the Hygiene Proficiency Test?

Yes, but only in special arrangement tests which have to be booked in advance.

Are Dictionaries Allowed During the Hygiene Proficiency Test?

Yes, but only in special arrangement tests which have to be booked in advance. The dictionary must be handed to the instructor before the test.

Is it Possible to go Through the Hygiene Proficiency Test Answers?

All the questions are under the property of Finnish Food Authority (EL 28 a §) and copying, storage (including electronic), disclosure and distribution of the test material is prohibited due to risk of copying. In other words, it is not possible to send the original or copied version of one's Hygiene Proficiency Test sheet.

It is possible to go through your answers with your instructor. You can do this right after the Hygiene Proficiency Test has ended or you can have an arranged meeting with the instructor.

The customer service of Hygienepassport.fi can arrange the meeting for you and your instructor, just send an email to info@hygienepassport.fi 

How Long does it Take to Receive the Hygiene Passport?

After you have passed the test, delivery of the Hygiene Passport takes approximately 2–4 weeks. Before that, the temporary Hygiene Passport received by email is valid.

How Long is my Hygiene Passport Valid?

Hygiene passport is valid for now with the current Finnish legislation unless the Hygiene Passport is lost.

I have lost my Hygiene Passport; what do I do?

Contact the place and the test instructor where you did your Hygiene Proficiency Test. If both parts of the Hygiene Passport (the card and the certificate) are lost or if 3 or more years have passed since you got your Hygiene Passport, you'll need to take the test again.

If you have another part of your Hygiene Passport (the card or the certificate), you can check your test instructors name and instructor ID from the document. The contact informations are available on Finnish Food Authority's list of test instructors. If your instructor can't be found from the list, you can ask the instructor's contact information from Finnish Food Authority by sending email to hygieniapassi@ruokavirasto.fi. If Finnish Food Authority confirms that your instructor doesn't arrange the tests anymore, any other instructor can order a new Hygiene Passport for you.

Customers of Hygienepassport.fi can make the new order through Hygienepassport.fi online store. The new Hygiene Passport costs 35 €. Please contact Hygienepassport.fi Customer Service before the order to make sure the instructor has your original test sheet in the archieves and the order is possible to make.

What can I do if my Name is not Correctly Spelled on the Hygiene Passport?

Please contact to Hygienepassport.fi Customer Service so the instructor can check your test sheet and order you a new Hygiene Passport. If your name has changed, please send the official documents regarding the name change to Hygienepassport.fi Customer Service and make an order of the new Hygiene Passport on Hygienepassport.fi online store.

Is it Possible to have the Hygiene Passport Based on Previous Education?

It is possible to obtain a Hygiene Passport without taking the test, as based on a diploma, degree or previous education from the food hygiene industry in Finland. If you think you may be eligible for Hygiene Passport based on your examination or education in Finland, see more info here.

Is Another Country's Hygiene Passport Valid in Finland?

No. The Finnish Hygiene Passport is about Finnish food legislation.

Is Finland's Hygiene Passport Valid in Other Countries?

Please check the validity from the other countries authorities. Please note that Finland's Hygiene Passport is about Finland's food legislation.

What do Hygiene Passport and Hygiene Proficiency Certificate look like?

The Hygiene Passport looks like this and the Hygiene Proficiency Certificate like this.

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