Price of a Hygiene Passport arranges Hygiene Passport Tests in Finnish, Swedish and English nationally on a weekly basis. Tests in Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Russian or other languages are arranged in addition by demand. Tests are arranged if there is at least five people willing to join the test. There is also an opportunity to have a private test and training for groups. Ask for an offer!

Prices are different for all the test types. The price and possible payment methods can be found on additional information on each test. Prices include value added tax 24 %.

Hygiene Passport Test

Finnish, Swedish, English                                 from 54 € / person

Renewal test                                                     from 35 € / person

Hygiene Passport Test, special arrangements

Translated tests                                                from 99 € / person

Hygiene Passport Training

Online trainings, 2 hours                                  from 30 € / person

Online trainings, 4 hours                                  from 45 € / person

Invoicing for companies 10 € / invoice (incl. VAT).


If one will cancel the participation according to the cancelling terms and the payment of the test or the training has been completed, one will receive a voucher code for another registration. The voucher code will be sent to the user account's email address, and the code is valid for one year from the sending date. In case of a refund a handling fee of 2,50 € / refund is reserved.