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Organize a hygiene passport test at your school

Hygienepassport.fi offers students a convenient and effortless way to obtain a hygiene passport at a campaign price of 40 €.

Order a test

Organize the test in the school’s own premises – Hygienepassport.fi takes care of the rest!
Family members of students and school staff are also welcome to the same test.

Order a hygiene passport test

Take the first step and fill in the contact. We will reply to your message as soon as possible, and together we will agree on a more detailed test schedule.

You can always contact us directly by email or phone:

Osaamistehdas Oy
0400 809 009 (weekdays 10–15)

This is how it works:

Hygienepassport.fi’s school campaign has gained great popularity in secondary schools and upper secondary schools across Finland. Organizing a private hygiene passport test is a smooth and easy process – all we need from your school is a space large enough for the test. We'll take care of all other practical arrangements! Learn more about how the test organization works in practice:

  • 1 Contact us Contact and inform us when you would like to conduct the test. For the test, we require a sufficiently large space at the school (e.g., a school room, cafeteria, auditorium).
  • 2 Participants register We will create a unique link for the school, through which participants can register and pay for the hygiene passport test. Each participant can pay for the test individually or together with their guardian. After registration, participants will receive a 14-day access to the Trainify app.
  • 3 The test is conducted Our hygiene passport test instructor will conduct the test on-site. For larger groups, we can conduct multiple tests. Each participant needs to bring a photo ID to the test.
  • 4 The passports will be sent Participants who pass the test will be informed of their results after the test. It takes about 3–4 weeks for the hygiene passports to be delivered. We can deliver the passports to the school or directly to each participant..

School campaign price

40 €

The campaign price for schools is 40 € (incl. VAT 24 %) per person for a group of at least 15 people (the normal price for the hygiene passport test is 54 €). The price also includes a 14-day subscription to Trainify, where you can practice for the test anytime and anywhere (valued at 9,90 €).

The school campaign prices also apply to the staff and family members of the group.

Contact us and order a test

Aleksis Kivi Comprehensive School

We organized a hygiene passport test at Aleksis Kivi Comprehensive School in the spring of 2023. We sat down with the school’s student counselor Minna Hakonen, and asked how the organization of the hygiene passport test at the school went.

I contacted Hygienepassport.fi's customer service and managed to schedule a hygiene passport test immediately. Organizing the test didn't burden the school with any extra work. Through Hygienepassport.fi, we successfully arranged the test before the students' summer vacation. Following this test, our hope is to potentially organize a hygiene passport test again at our school next year!

Student counselor
The school campaign includes a 14-day access to Trainify!

Learn, practice and succeed with Trainify

Trainify elevates your food hygiene expertise to new heights! Download the Trainify app and study the basics of hygiene competence with lessons prepared by industry professionals. Test your skills by taking practice tests from a database of over 700 statements. Strengthen your expertise, hone your skills, and succeed in the hygiene passport test!

  • Practice anywhere, anytime
  • Includes 8 courses and 20 lessons
  • The course is created by food industry professionals
  • A database of over 700 statements
  • Real-time feedback
  • Review challenging questions for you in customized tests

What is a hygiene passport?

The hygiene passport is proof of competence in food hygiene. A hygiene passport is required if you handle unpackaged and easily perishable food items. By obtaining the hygiene passport, a student can gain a competitive advantage, for example, when searching for a summer job!

You will receive a hygiene passport by completing a hygiene passport test.

Read more about hygiene passports here!

Why organize a hygiene passport test for students?

Obtaining the hygiene passport is definitely beneficial during secondary school or high school! According to the current food legislation, the hygiene passport remains valid indefinitely, meaning it currently never expires. The hygiene passport provides advantages not only for securing summer jobs but also for a wide range of professions and job roles. Therefore, having the passport proves advantageous for their entire future careers. Moreover, in many high schools, it may be possible to include the hygiene passport as part of their studies.
Key Account Manager

Order a hygiene passport test for your school

Order a hygiene passport test for your school by contacting Hygienepassport.fi customer service. Our team will respond to contact requests in a quick timeframe.

Order a test

You can contact us directly by email or phone: Osaamistehdas Oy info@hygienepassport.fi 0400 809 009 (weekdays klo 10–15)

Osaamistehdas Oy
0400 809 009 (weekdays 10–15)