How can I obtain a Hygiene Passport?

In the Back to basics blog series, we delve into the fundamentals of Hygiene Passports and food hygiene. In the first part, we thoroughly covered all the questions related to Hygiene Passports. Now, let's address a question that many first-timers have: How can I actually obtain a Hygiene Passport? We'll clarify the process step by step, so you'll know what obtaining a Hygiene Passport entails in practice!

Obtaining a Hygiene Passport requires passing the Hygiene Passport test

What does this mean in practice?

1. Decide where and when you want to take the Hygiene passport test. Choose the most suitable test time for you! Ensure that you have ample time to study and prepare for the test. offers the most comprehensive selection of Hygiene Passport tests throughout Finland. You can see all upcoming Hygiene Passport tests here!

2. Study for the test. Choose the learning method that suits you best and practice the fundamentals of food hygiene. Here's a recommendation from our customer service representative, Aleksi Vesala, on how to prepare for the Hygiene Passport test:

"Study and prepare well in advance! It's always advisable to study the basics of food hygiene before participating in the test. We offer various ways to prepare for the Hygiene Passport test. I recommend choosing the learning method that you find enjoyable and most effective for you."

  • is a gamified practice website that is also easy to use on your phone. I particularly recommend it for young participants.

  • If practicing on an online platform feels unfamiliar to you or if you prefer reading theory from a physical textbook, I recommend purchasing our Basics of Food Hygiene from our online store.

  • If your learning style is best suited to listening and having someone explain the theory and material in detail, I recommend participating in our two- or four-hour online training sessions. The trainers conducting the online training are professionals in the food industry and authorized test instructors appointed by the Finnish Food Authority. You can also ask them questions on the topic! I also recommend online training for those who are unfamiliar with Finnish food legislation and food hygiene matters.

Read more about our online training sessions here!

3. Participate in the Hygiene Passport test. Remember to bring a valid, photo-bearing, and official identification document with you!

4. After the test. Obtaining a Hygiene Passport requires passing the Hygiene Passport test and scoring 34 points in minimum.

  • I PASSED THE TEST - When Will I Receive My Hygiene Passport? The Finnish Food Authority will issue your Hygiene Passport certificate and card, which will be sent to you by mail within approximately 4-6 weeks from the test. If you're in a hurry to receive your Hygiene Passport, you can always request a temporary certificate from the test instructor. The temporary certificate is valid until the official certificate arrives.

  • I DIDN'T PASS - What Now? No worries, it is not unusual to retake the Hygiene Passport test. The retest fee is always more affordable than the first time! Study the topics that you find challenging and practice for the test. Schedule a new appointment when you feel more confident in the subject area!

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