Hygiene Passport test – the complete guide

Welcome back to the Back to Basics blog series! What kind of questions are there in the Hygiene Passport test? How many points are needed to pass it? Can the test be done remotely? What happens after the Hygiene Passport? In the third part of the series, we aim to comprehensively answer all the questions related to Hygiene Passport tests. We recommend reading the first blog post where we ponder the significance of the Hygiene Passport, and the second part where we discuss the general process of obtaining the Hygiene Passport.

The Hygiene Passport is an essential certification for individuals working in the food industry. To obtain it, one must successfully complete the Hygiene Passport test, which consists of 40 true/false statements. A minimum score of 34 correct answers is required to pass the test.

The Hygiene Passport test is conducted in a supervised written format. Electronic or remote testing is not available. In the standard test (in Finnish, Swedish, or English), participants have 45 minutes to respond to the statements, while the test time for special situation tests is unlimited.

Test-takers are required to use a blue or black ballpoint pen to ensure the permanence and archivability of their answers. The test form must be filled out clearly with the participant's name and date of birth, which will appear on the issued certificate.

Participants are not allowed to use any additional sources or aids during the test, such as notes or study materials. Speaking, providing additional explanations or asking questions during the test is prohibited. Any questions must be asked before the test begins. Failure to comply with these instructions may result in test rejection and removal of the participant from the test premises.

Before the Hygiene Passport test

It is crucial to arrive at the test venue on time, at least 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. Latecomers may be denied entry unless they arrive within the first 20 minutes of the test. Participants must also bring their original, valid, government-issued photo identification, which will be verified upon submitting the test form.

After completing the Hygiene Passport test

It typically takes around 4-6 weeks for the processing and mailing of the Hygiene Passport and certificate. If the test is successfully passed, a temporary certificate can be emailed upon request. In the case of an unsuccessful test, it is possible to register for a retest using the Hygienepassport.fi account. The retest is more affordable than the first test. The prices and test dates can be checked on the registration page.

Special situation tests

Special situation tests are designed for individuals who cannot undertake the regular Hygiene Passport test due to justified reasons. Separate permission is required to take a special situation test, and if needed, tests can be arranged in different languages or with oral reading options.

The test questions

The test statements cover various aspects of food hygiene. Answering requires careful reading and consideration from a food hygiene perspective. All statements pertain to activities in food premises. Some statements do not have a direct basis in legislation, but the answers can be based on good hygiene practices. The purpose of the test is to ensure that individuals possess the necessary knowledge and understanding of essential aspects of food hygiene.

Remember to study thoroughly for the Hygiene Passport test! 

The purpose of the Hygiene Passport is to improve nationwide food safety. The Hygiene Passport allows food industry workers to demonstrate their ability to handle food in a professional and safe manner. The Hygiene Passport test assesses the participants' knowledge and skills. Anja Pouttu, a long-time tester and trainer at Hygienepassport.fi, emphasizes the importance of preparing for the hygiene proficiency test:

"It is important to understand that the hygiene proficiency test should not be approached as a mere attempt to pass or fail. The purpose of the test is to ensure that food workers have the necessary knowledge and competence in food safety."

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