School Campaign: An easy and affordable way to obtain a Hygiene Passport

Did you know that there's a convenient and effortless way for upper secondary and high school students to obtain a Hygiene Passport at a special campaign price? The school campaign offers an excellent opportunity for schools to organize Hygiene Passport tests for students, making it easy and affordable.

What is a Hygiene Passport?

A Hygiene Passport is a valuable work credential that is worth acquiring from a young age. It serves as proof of one's knowledge of food hygiene practices. The purpose of the Hygiene Passport is to promote general food safety. Any individual working in the food industry must be able to handle food safely and hygienically. According to Finnish food regulations, a Hygiene Passport is required for employees who handle unpackaged and perishable food items. Cafés, restaurants, large kitchens, kiosks, fast-food outlets, grocery stores, kindergartens, and food manufacturing facilities are examples of workplaces where a Hygiene Passport is needed.

Why should you obtain a Hygiene Passport in secondary or high school?

We strongly recommend obtaining a Hygiene Passport during secondary or high school. This provides students with a significant advantage for their future careers. The Hygiene Passport can be utilized in various job positions, giving them an edge in future job searches. It's not only beneficial for summer jobs, but it also opens doors to a wide range of professions and work opportunities.

How does the school campaign work? offers the opportunity to organize private Hygiene Passport tests for students in the school's own facilities. The test price for the campaign is only 40 € per person for groups of at least 15 people, which is a substantial discount compared to the regular price (54 €). The campaign also includes a 14-day access to, allowing students to prepare for the test's components anytime and anywhere.

Participating in the school campaign is simple:

1. Contact us: Get in touch with us and let us know a suitable date for the test. We require a spacious venue with appropriate distancing, such as the cafeteria, auditorium, or gymnasium.

2. Registration: We will create a personalized registration and online payment link for your school. Each participant will pay for the test individually or together with their guardian. After registration, each student will receive their 14-day access code via email.

3. Taking the test: Our Hygiene Passport test instructor will come to your school to prepare the venue for the test and administer it to the group. We can organize multiple tests for larger groups. Each student needs to bring a valid identification card.

4. Certificate delivery: For those who pass the test, we will send the Hygiene Passports either to the school or directly to the participants. The delivery process takes approximately 3-4 weeks. service – Preparation is the key to success!

The service, included in the school campaign, is an excellent tool for preparing for the Hygiene Passport test. Through this gamified platform, students can practice over 700 statements related to food safety and receive real-time feedback on their answers. This practice is available on mobile phones and tablets, allowing students to practice conveniently anytime, anywhere.

Contact's customer service and secure a test date for your school today!


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