School Campaign: Hygiene Passport Test at Aleksis Kivi Comprehensive School's school campaign has garnered significant popularity among secondary schools and high schools throughout Finland. We have offered schools the opportunity to arrange private Hygiene Passport tests for their students within the school premises – and one of the schools that embraced this offer was Aleksis Kivi School in Helsinki. In the spring of 2023, we observed the Hygiene Passport test conducted at the school.

The objective of our school campaign is to provide students with a highly convenient and effortless means of obtaining the Hygiene Passport at campaign prices. By integrating the test into the students' school day, they can take the test without any additional arrangements – saving time for both students and teachers! Additionally, family members of the students and school staff are also welcome to participate in the test.

We sat down with Minna Hakonen, the student counsellor at Aleksis Kivi School, to ask about the organization of the Hygiene Passport test at the school:

"I contacted's customer service and managed to schedule a Hygiene Passport test immediately. Organizing the test didn't burden the school with any extra work. Through, we successfully arranged the test before the students' summer vacation started. Following this test, our hope is to potentially organize a Hygiene Passport test again at our school next year!"'s Hygiene Passport examiner arrives at the school well in advance to prepare the classroom for the test. As per the guidelines of the Finnish Food Authority, all Hygiene Passport tests are conducted under the supervision of the examiner. The classroom is arranged with spaced-out tables and each seat is equipped with a pen and an envelope containing the official certificate to be sent to the participants.

Why organize a Hygiene Passport test for secondary school students? How do students benefit from obtaining the Hygiene Passport?

"I strongly believe that obtaining the Hygiene Passport holds numerous advantages for secondary school students," replied Minna Hakonen, the student counselor at Aleksis Kivi School. "Considering summer jobs and potentially future studies, the Hygiene Passport can play a decisive role in part-time job opportunities. Young individuals often apply for jobs that require a Hygiene Passport. Particularly, our ninth-grade students who actively apply for summer jobs at our school were enthusiastic about the Hygiene Passport test."

We also interviewed Axel Martelius, the Key Account Manager at Osaamistehdas. We inquired about the reasons for obtaining the Hygiene Passport as a student:

"Obtaining the Hygiene Passport is definitely beneficial during secondary school or high school! According to the current food legislation, the Hygiene Passport remains valid indefinitely, meaning it currently never expires. The Hygiene Passport provides advantages not only for securing summer jobs but also for a wide range of professions and job roles. Therefore, possessing the passport proves advantageous for their entire future careers. Moreover, in many high schools, it may be possible to include the Hygiene Passport as part of their studies."

"Furthermore, it is particularly advantageous to take the Hygiene Passport test at school as brings the test directly to the school's premises," Axel adds. "And, of course, I highly recommend young individuals to seize the opportunity of the Hygiene Passport test organized at their school, as they can obtain it at a discounted campaign price!"


The school campaign price is 40 € per person for a group of at least 15 individuals (the regular price for the Hygiene Passport test is 54 €). The price also includes a 14-day subscription to, where participants can practice different aspects of the Hygiene Passport test online (valued at 9.90 €). These benefits are also applicable to school staff and family members of the group.

If your school is interested in organizing the Hygiene Passport test, please contact our customer service at 0400 809 009 or send an email to

Here's how the process works:

  1. Contact and inform us when you would like to conduct the test. For the test, we require a sufficiently large space at the school (e.g., a school room, cafeteria, auditorium).

  2. We will create a unique link for the school, through which participants can register and pay for the Hygiene Passport test. Each participant can pay for the test individually or together with their guardian. After registration, participants will receive a 14-day access code to via email.

  3. Our Hygiene Passport examiner will conduct the test on-site. For larger groups, we can conduct multiple tests. Each participant needs to bring a photo ID to the test. More information and a list of accepted photo IDs.

  4. The Hygiene Passports will be sent to the school or directly to the participants. Participants who pass the test will receive their results. The delivery of Hygiene Passports takes approximately 3-4 weeks. We can deliver the passports to the school or directly to each participant.

    Read more about the school campaign and order a test for your school