Hygiene Passport – Material

Well prepared is half done!

Hygienepassport.fi recommends you to study well all the different subfields of food hygiene prior to the Hygiene Proficiency Test. In case food industry is new to you, it is highly recommended to familiarize yourself to the vocabulary and terminology in advance. Please get to know the different ways of studying and choose the option most suitable for your learning!

Useful self-study material is easily available in Hygienepassport.fi Online Store. Written material can be ordered in FinnishSwedishEnglishArabicThaiSpanishChineseTurkishRussian and Estonian languages.

Training site Trainify.fi is a great service for practicing. Practice all seven subfields one by one and do the whole test. The result will tell you if you are ready for the real test! Training time to Trainify.fi service is available in Finnish and English, but also in Arabic by request. Start your training now!

Please see Hygienepassport.fi's material recommendations through the links under.

Material in English

Material in Finnish

Material in Swedish

Material in Arabic

Material in Estonian

Material in Russian

Material in Thai

Material in Chinese

Material in Turkish

Material in Spanish

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Material in Polish

Material in Romanian

Material in Somali

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Hygiene Passport – Model Test and Questions

Hygiene Proficiency Test in English

Model questions in English (Evira)

Model questions and answers in English (Evira)

Electronic model test in English (Evira)


Hygiene Proficiency Test in Finnish

Model questions in Finnish (Evira)

Model questions and answers in Finnish (Evira)

Electronic model test in Finnish (Evira)


Hygiene Proficiency Test in Swedish

Model questions in Swedish (Evira)

Model questions and answers in Swedish (Evira)

Electronic model test in Swedish (Evira)