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Are you planning to take the Hygiene Passport test but need additional support in reviewing the subject matter and tips for the test itself? Have you been working in the restaurant industry for some time and wish to refresh your knowledge of food hygiene to stay up-to-date?

Hygienepassport.fi offers 2-hour and 4-hour remote Hygiene Passport competency training sessions. The training aims to provide participants with up-to-date and comprehensive knowledge of food hygiene requirements.

Hygiene Passport training

The core of the training revolves around various aspects of Hygiene Passport competency. Participants will delve into themes of microbiology and food contamination, as well as methods to enhance food safety. The online course also provides information about food poisoning bacteria and hygienic work practices to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses. You will learn how to maintain proper personal hygiene and ensure the cleanliness of the premises. Additionally, the training covers self-monitoring and creating self-monitoring plans.

Read the tips from Anja Pouttu, who leads some of the Hygiene Passport courses: "Food industry workers carry significant responsibility for food safety. Through the Hygiene Passport training, employees can acquire knowledge, self-confidence and certainty in their work."

Who is the Hygiene Passport competency training suitable for?

The Hygiene Passport competency training is an excellent way to prepare for the Hygiene Passport test. With the help of an instructor authorized by the Finnish Food Authority, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the fundamentals of food hygiene. Additionally, the training covers information about the Hygiene Passport and the structure of the Hygiene Passport test. Our trainers are experienced professionals with in-depth knowledge of Hygiene Passport tests and their requirements.

The Hygiene Passport competency training is also beneficial even if you have been working in the restaurant industry for a long time. Changes and new recommendations in the industry necessitate continuous updating of skills and staying up-to-date. Therefore, we also offer training for those who wish to refresh their Hygiene Passport competency.

"Most of us already have the Hygiene Passport, but in these times when hygiene is more crucial than ever, we want to ensure that everyone's knowledge and skills meet current requirements. That's why we organized the training and test for the entire staff, regardless of whether they have a certificate or a valid card." (Eerika Rinne, Hotel Kakola)

Participate in the training from anywhere in Finland!

The online training sessions are conducted via Zoom and last for two or four hours, allowing time to review the key points of different areas. During the training, you can also discuss and ask questions related to the topics through Zoom's chat feature. This enables a deeper understanding of the subjects and gives you the opportunity to share experiences with other participants. We offer training in Finnish, English, and Arabic!

Remember to register for the Hygiene Passport test in addition to the training!

It's essential to note that the Hygiene Passport competency training and the Hygiene Passport test are separate entities. The training does not include the actual Hygiene Passport test; it must be taken separately. Therefore, make sure to register not only for the training but also for the Hygiene Passport test. This way, you ensure that you have both the necessary knowledge and certification required for job opportunities in the restaurant industry.

Enroll in Hygiene Passport Training!

Hygieniapassi.fi is Finland's most comprehensive organizer of Hygiene Passport tests and training courses. The training does not include the Hygiene Passport test, and the training and test fees are separate. You can also sign up for our training courses when registering for the Hygiene Passport test. Our system suggests suitable training based on the test language, providing you with a tailored and relevant learning experience!

The training price is only 30 euros for a two-hour session and 45 euros for a four-hour session (incl. 24% VAT). Enroll in our online training today!

Enroll in a training session today!