Hygiene Passport online?

Although many tests can now be taken online, the Hygiene Passport test cannot be done electronically or remotely. However, why does the Hygiene Passport test still require a physical test room?

Hygiene Passport is a certificate of food hygiene competence. The purpose of the Hygiene Passport is to promote overall food safety. A food handler must be able to work with food in a safe and hygienic manner.

In accordance with the Finnish Food Authority's guidelines, all Hygiene Passport tests must be carried out in a test room supervised by a Hygiene Passport test instructor.

Why does the hygiene passport test require a test room?

  1. Control of the test room ensures a fair and equitable testing situation. The test room provides a controlled environment where the test instructor can ensure that the test is conducted according to the rules. This also makes sure that the test process is similar to all participants.
  2. The Hygiene Passport test cannot be conducted electronically or remotely, as the Hygiene Passport test instructor must check the identity of each test participant. Verification of identification is an important part of the validity of the test. In a face-to-face test situation, the test instructor can ensure that the identity of each test participant is properly verified.
  3. Supervision in a physical test room reduces the possibility of test fraud. When the test is conducted in a test room, the test instructor can check that each person taking the test complies with the rules.

Although it would be convenient to conduct a Hygiene Passport test online, conducting the test in a facility supervised by a test instructor ensures that Hygiene Passport tests remain a reliable and effective way of promoting general food safety!

However, we cannot exclude the possibility that as technology develops, the Hygiene Passport tests will also go online. In the meantime, Hygiene Passport tests must always be carried out on-site at the test facility!

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