Spring has already begun, and many young people are looking forward to their first summer job. However, many may miss out on job opportunities if the tasks require applicants to have a hygiene passport. A hygiene passport is often a required certificate in many summer jobs, indicating that the individual can handle food safely and hygienically. Schools have the opportunity to support young people in obtaining a hygiene passport by organizing tests in the school premises in collaboration with Hygienepassport.fi.

In the school campaign, students receive:

- The test at a campaign price of 40 €

- Access to the Trainify service for 14 days

- A hygiene passport that never expires

- More confidence in summer job applications

We organized a hygiene passport test for Pakila Lower Secondary School students in January and February 2024. We asked the school guidance counselor, Esa Rantamo, to tell us a bit more about organizing the test and the importance of the hygiene passport for students.

How has the organization of the hygiene passport test for the school through Hygieniapassi.fi gone overall?

"Organizing has been convenient. Students' registration through the link has been easy. The test situation has also gone smoothly. The only - positive - "issue" has been that in the past and this school year, there have been so many eighth and ninth graders taking the test: finding large enough spaces for organizing the test hasn't always been straightforward. We have also had to organize two test sessions in the spring due to the high number of participants."

From your perspective as a guidance counselor, how do you see students benefiting from the hygiene passport?

"A hygiene passport may be mandatory or necessary for some summer jobs. Having the hygiene passport completion noted on a CV also indicates the young person's initiative, which is beneficial for applications in all fields."

What is Trainify?

The school campaign includes a 14-day access to Trainify.

  • Download the Trainify app and study the basics of food hygiene with lessons prepared by industry professionals.

  • Test your skills by taking practice tests from a database of over 700 statements.

  • Strengthen your skills, refine your abilities, and succeed in the hygiene passport test!

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