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Osaamistehdas Oy is a young and innovative company that offers training, testing and expert services. Our team has several decades worth of experience in the food industry, web services, and entrepreneurship. We are a pioneer company in the nationwide Hygiene Proficiency Testing through our vast national network of testers.

Hygienepassport.fi offers Hygiene Proficiency Tests and training on almost every day of the year. Our professional, Evira-certified testers offer tests and training nationwide in dozens of languages. We also offer special tests for e.g. people with dyslexia and sense disorders. We take into account all kinds of learners. We also organize customized training and tests for companies and learning institutions at their own premises.

We also offer Alcohol Passport tests. http://www.alcoholpassport.fi/en 

The Trainify.com service is a training a website where it is possible to train for all the tests that we offer with ease anywhere, anytime. The training topics are the Hygiene Proficiency Test, the Alcohol Passport Test, and the Work Safety Training. More tests to come in the future!


Our websites in English http://www.hygienepassport.fi/, http://www.trainify.fi, and http://www.alcoholpassport.fi/

Osaamistehdas on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/osaamistehdas

Osaamistehdas on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/company/5240148?trk=NUS_CO-logo