License to Cook: What a Hygiene Passport Really Means in Cooking offers the opportunity to study food hygiene through online courses and a mobile app. A hygiene passport is not only beneficial in the workplace but also in the home kitchen. Customers who have completed the hygiene passport have found that knowledge of food hygiene brings significant advantages both professionally and personally.

Hygiene Practices in the Workplace and at Home

Completing the hygiene passport provides you with comprehensive knowledge and skills in food hygiene. This not only enhances your professional abilities in the food industry but also improves your capability to maintain high hygiene standards at home. Our customers have shared their experiences as follows:

  • Restaurants and Home Kitchens: "It not only helps us to maintain food hygiene in public restaurants and kitchens, but also at our home during our daily activities in the kitchen."

  • Food and Waste Handling: "I believe it is very important even for our home kitchens to know the correct way to handle food and garbage."

  • General Hygiene Awareness: "It is good to have general knowledge about hygiene and to consider hygiene standards at home and in public places, especially when one hasn’t worked in a job that touches on hygiene requirements."

  • Healthy Life: "The hygiene passport is beneficial in many ways, for example at work, school, and home. Hygiene knowledge is essential for a healthy life!"

Studying Food Hygiene offers a variety of online courses that cover all aspects of food hygiene. These courses include:

  • Food Handling: Learn safe methods for preparing and storing food.
  • Waste Management: Understand the correct ways to handle and dispose of food waste.
  • Personal Hygiene: Learn the best practices for maintaining personal hygiene in the kitchen.

Additionally, you have access to the new and innovative Trainify mobile app, where you can study and practice the basics of food hygiene in an engaging and effective way.

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Why the Hygiene Passport is Important

A hygiene passport ensures that you know and can apply the basic principles of food hygiene. This qualification is essential if you work in the food industry, but it is equally important in the home kitchen. Proper hygiene maintenance reduces the risk of food poisoning and improves overall health.


A license to cook means much more than the skill of preparing food. It also means having the knowledge and ability to maintain high hygiene standards that protect health both at work and at home. A hygiene passport is the key to acquiring these skills. Enroll in courses and ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and skills for safe and healthy cooking!

Sign up for courses now and take a step towards better hygiene both at work and at home. A license to cook is a promise of a healthier and safer future