Take a hygiene passport test well in advance

Many of our customers take the hygiene passport test to apply for a summer job. Is the hygiene passport also on your to do -list? Spring is the season for hygiene passport tests and there are plenty of tests available! Hygienepassport.fi currently has more than 400 open hygiene passport tests for the period between January and May. Hygiene passport tests are organized all over Finland!

Hygienepassport.fi recommends to be early with the hygiene passport test registration. Although there are plenty of tests open and more are opened almost every day, it takes 2–5 weeks for the official hygiene passport to be delivered. Seasonal times and possible shipping delays affect the delivery time. It is also possible to get a temporary certificate from the hygiene passport tester right after the test.

You can see the open hygiene passport tests in different languages ​​here.

Please remember that you must always keep the official hygiene passport (card and certificate) for yourself! Give a copy to the employer's archive. If you ever need to order a new hygiene passport, the order can only be done based on the original test paper (archiving period 5 years), hygiene passport card or hygiene passport certificate.