All you need to know about hygiene passport test

Are you preparing for the hygiene passport exam and wondering about the types of questions? We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions related to hygiene passport exams.

What are the types of questions in the hygiene passport exam?

The questions are in the form of true or false statements. You respond by marking a cross in the box if you believe the statement is true or false. All hygiene passport exam statements are prepared by the Finnish Food Authority. In addition to the statements, the participant writes their name and date of birth on the test form.

How many questions are there in the hygiene passport exam?

The exam consists of 40 statements. To pass the test, a minimum of 34 correct answers is required.

How many questions can be answered incorrectly?

You can answer up to six questions incorrectly. More than six incorrect answers will result in failing the test.

Can I use notes during the test?

Notes or any other guiding aid are not allowed. The use of mobile phones or other devices during the test is prohibited.

Are the questions in the hygiene passport exam always the same?

The hygiene passport examiner retrieves new test forms and, consequently, new test questions for each test session from the Finnish Food Authority's Question Bank system. Therefore, each test session has different questions.

What tips do you have for answering questions?

Carefully read through each statement in the test. Remember that you are answering from the perspective of a professional kitchen. Certain rules apply in a professional kitchen that may not necessarily apply in home kitchens.

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How long does the hygiene passport test take?

The standard response time for a hygiene passport test is 45 minutes. There is no maximum performance time for a special situation test. Participants may leave the test session no earlier than 20 minutes after the test start time.

How to practice questions and answers?

Test your skills by taking practice tests in a game-like learning environment on Trainify. Measure your progress and train on challenging questions in customized tests. Practice helps you get a sense of the test requirements and improves your readiness.

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What if I want to change my answer?

You can change your answer during the test if you feel you have answered incorrectly. You must neatly color the box with your incorrect answer and place a new cross in the correct box. Note that unclear markings or unanswered questions will be considered incorrect answers.

What if I don't understand a question?

It is possible to ask the hygiene passport examiner about topics or requirements before or after the test. However, the examiner cannot guide or comment on the statements during the test regarding their content. The test must be completed independently. Participants are not allowed to discuss the test with each other during the test.

The examiner always provides instructions related to the test before the test begins. Therefore, it is important to be on time at the test site!

Do I need to bring my own pen to the test?

For tests, you do not need to bring your own pen, as pens are provided for everyone. The Finnish Food Authority has specified that a pen other than black, such as a ballpoint pen or a similar tool, should be used for background and answer markings to ensure the permanence and archivability of test results. The use of a pencil is not allowed.

Can I see which questions I answered correctly and incorrectly afterwards?

Test statements and test forms cannot be used for any other purpose and cannot be given to others at any stage. The hygiene passport examiner can only provide Finnish Food Authority test forms to participants during the test. The examiner cannot return test forms to the participant after the test.

All test questions are the property of the Finnish Food Authority. Copying, storing (including electronically), transferring, and distributing test material is prohibited. However, you can go through your hygiene passport test answers personally with the hygiene passport examiner immediately after the hygiene passport test or in a separately agreed meeting with the hygiene passport examiner.

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