How do I get a Hygiene Passport?

Hygiene Passport is an important asset when searching for work, and many workplaces require their empolyees to have a Hygiene Passport. The spring has started and the search for summer job is relevant for many. Register for a Hygiene Passport test to get a headstep for the search for a job! organizes Hygiene Passport tests all over Finland. You can find all the upcoming Hygiene Passport test listed here. The tests can be filtered either by the location or language. When you find the test that you want to attend, log in to your account or register as a new user by filling in the information of the person registering for the test. After this, you’ll be moved to the online payment. When the registration and payment have been completed successfully, you will receive a confirmation of the registration in your email.

It is good to practice for the Hygiene Passport test and offers three different ways to practice: online training, books and service. You can find instructions for activating the service here

Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of the Hygiene Passport test. Remember to bring a valid picture ID with you! The hygiene passport test is a papertest with 40 true/false questions. You must get minimum 34 points from the test to pass it.

You will receive the result of the Hygiene Passport test via email after the test. The test instructor will first order the Hygiene Passport certificate from the Finnish Food Authority and then mail it to you. The Hygiene Passport certificate will arrive approximately within 4-6 weeks after the test date. If needed, it is possible to get a temporary Hygiene Passport certificate from the test instructor to your email. The temporary certificate is a valid document to prove your hygiene proficiency until the official certificate arrives in the mail. 

For more information, please contact our customer service team by phone: 0400 809 009 or email: