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Hygiene passport &

alcohol passport tests

We are involved in Yrityspäivät Job Search Theme Week in January 2021! Yrityspäivät job fair is Finland’s largest networking and recruitment event for university students. Yrityspäivät will be mainly arranged as virtual event. However, hygiene passport & alcohol passport tests will be arranged as classroom tests at the University. Scroll down and register via this page.

Hygiene passport

Mandatory for some - useful for anyone. According to Finnish law, hygiene passport is required from employees who handle unpackaged, easily perishable foods at work - in a café or a restaurant, for example. However, hygiene passport is a convenient way for anyone to show their knowledge of the basics of food hygiene. It can be useful in industrial planning tasks, for example. Read more about food hygiene.

>> Register here: Test on Tue 19.1.2021 at 16:00 <<

(Test at 17:00 FULL)

Alcohol passport

Alcohol passport is a way to show that you have the basic knowledge needed to serve alcohol in a bar or a restaurant, for example. Read more about the alcohol passport test.

>> Register here: Test on Wed 20.1.2021 at 15:00 <<

(Tests at 16:00 and 17:00 FULL)


Register to test through this page and you will get 7 days training time for free at Trainify.fi! After test online payment, you will receive an email that contains a voucher code. The code needs to be inserted to Trainify.fi after login.