Hygiene Passport based on previous education in Finland

It is possible to get a Hygiene Passport based on a diploma, degree or previous education from the food hygiene industry. According to Finnish Food Authority's guidelines the diploma, degree or education has to be from Finland and from Finnish school system. Therefore a food hygiene proficiency certificate cannot be issued based on any foreign diplomas, degrees or education.

Order Hygiene Passport based on a diploma by following these instructions

Submit a copy of your diploma and transcript of records which indicates sufficient knowledge of food hygiene

  • In case the terms and conditions defined by Finnish Food Authority are fulfilled, instructor can grant the Hygiene Passport based on the name and birthday written in the diploma.
  • In case the name of the person has changed after given diploma, one should submit a copy of an official certificate which proves the change in the name.
  • The diploma must have done no later than 01.01.1995, diplomas older than that cannot be accepted.
  • Please notice that Hygienepassport.fi does not return any given documents. 

You can order the Hygiene Passport from Hygienepassport.fi 

(product: Hygiene Passport based on diploma)


Follow these steps:

Send the copy of your diploma by mail or by email (notice! the documents must be scanned, we do not accept photograps) to Hygienepassport.fi customer service. All you need is:

  1. Signatures of two witnesses written in the copy of your diploma
  2. Signature of two witnesses in the copy of your transcript of records
  3. Receipt of the e-commerce payment 

Delivery of the Hygiene Passport takes approximately 2–4 weeks.


Mailing address:

Osaamistehdas Oy / Hygienepassport.fi 

Iso Roobertinkatu 20–22A, 00120 Helsinki

Email address:



Hygiene proficiency requirements defined by Finnish Food Authority

The person: 

  • knows the basics of microbiology and food contamination 
  • can prevent food poisoning and knows risk factors related to food poisoning 
  • takes care of personal hygiene in accordance with the provisions 
  • understand the importance of sanitation and waste disposal and follows the cleaning plan of the work placement 
  • is able to implement own-check in his/her work and understands its principles and importance
  • is able to identify and prevent hazards related to food hygiene in his/her work
  • knows the reason for usage of hygiene proficiency 
  • knows what is food hygiene
  • knows what are required by the law in order to handle foodstuff and who are responsible of food control 


Diplomas containing basic skills of food hygienic accepted by Finnish Food Authority

Certain after 01.01.1995 completed professional Specialist-,Further- or Vocational Qualification degrees contain required food hygiene knowledge. If you think you might be eligible for Hygiene Passport based on your education in Finland, please do not hesitate to contact us!