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How to prepare: Translated Hygiene Passport test


Translated Hygiene Passport test

Are you joining a Hygiene Passport test? "Translated test" is a special situation test, where you can read the questions in some other language than Finnish, Swedish or English.

You will have two papers in front of you: 1) the original test form and 2) another paper where you can find the translated questions. The translation is made in standard language of the specific language.

An interpreter can not join the test event. You will need to bring your ID with you. Translated, special situation tests are meant for participants who don't have enough language skills to join the normal test yet (Finnish, Swedish or English). 

Study and prepare before Hygiene Passport test

Hygiene Passport test event means that there is test only, no training by default. We recommend that you study the subject well before coming to test.

  • If your language is Arabic, Estonian, Russian, Thai, Chinese, Turkish or Spanish, you will find study material books in our online store
  • If there is no book in your language, try to study in Finnish or in English. It will surely help you even though you would not understand it all yet. "Ruokaa hygieenisesti" is an easy book with lots of illustrations. It is written in simple and clear, plain Finnish.
  • Trainify.fi works in English and Finnish.
  • Participants who are joining Arabic language test can practice in Trainify.fi in Arabic.
  • Participants who are joining Dari language test can practice in Trainify.fi in Dari.
  • Other study material links can be found under Material.
  • If there is a group of you, it's a good idea to ask for a training offer!