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Hygiene Passport test with dictionary


We will arrange a Hygiene Passport special situation test, where use of participants' own dictionaries is allowed. This test will be arranged in Helsinki, Mon 31.8.2020 at 10:00 at Osaamistehdas, Punavuori. 

The instructor will look through every dictionary before the test. Other tools or utilities are not allowed. 

Test price is 99 € (incl. VAT 24 %) and it will be paid online. Invoicing for companies is also an option (invoicing fee 10 €). Seven days use of Trainify.fi is included.

This dictionary test is a good choice for participants who already have knowledge in Finnish or English, but who need a little help with vocabulary and who want to check the meaning of single words during the test. If you need to translate texts word by word, this test is not the best option, and you can consider translated language test instead.


Contact our customer service to get the registration link for this test: info@hygienepassport.fi or 0400 809 009 (weekdays between 10-12).

Prepare for the test

You can prepare for this test in Trainify.fi or reading the plain Finnish book "Ruokaa hygieenisesti" that you can order from our online store. (Please note the delivery time when ordering books!) You can also pick up the book on our office in Punavuori, Helsinki.