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We take note of the coronavirus in our operations


Hygiene passport tests in spacious rooms

Hygiene passport participants are seated separately even in normal circumstances. We are following the officials' instructions and guidelines closely. The restrictions for participant numbers are not concerned trainings required by law, like hygiene passport test (AVI).

However, changes to test locations and times may occur even at short notice, according to local situations. Each participant will be contacted individually via email prior to their test date, if any changes will occur. 

The coronavirus pandemic is still here, worldwide and in Finland. The virus causes flu-like respiratory symptoms or stomach symptoms, that can be very mild in some cases. 

Come to test location only if you feel all healthy

Please join the test event only if you feel all healthy. Don't worry, hygiene passport tests are arranged regularly, so you will have time to complete the test once you have recovered. At the moment, you can reschedule or cancel your registration any time before the test, if you have even mild symptoms or suspect that you might be ill. You will reach us via email (info@hygienepassport.fi or contact form). We can reschedule your registration easily to the next test in same town, for example.

Together we take into account the coronavirus situation as follows:

  • If you have travelled to Finland from abroad, please follow the general recommendations.

  • If you have even mild symptoms, you can postpone or cancel your participation for free, also less than 12 hours before the event.

  • If there is a person clearly suffering from respiratory symptoms, the tester will ask them to leave.

  • Wash your hands and/or use hand disinfectant.

  • You are allowed to use a protective face mask on the test. However, the tester has to be able to verify participant's identity when returning the test paper. Therefore the mask has to be taken off then.

In case of illness / quarantine, please contact our customer service and we will arrange a free cancellation / rescheduling of your test period.

Please also follow THL's hygiene guidelines for hand washing and coughing.

This page will be updated.