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Hygieniaopas - Elintarvikehygienian perusteet



In the 16th issue of Hygieniaopas - Elintarvikehygienian Perusteet, the information has been updated to comply with all the latest standards and regulations. The meaning of food hygiene to the entire food industry is greatly emphasized. The ability of anyone working in the food supply chain to deliver clean and fresh foodstuff through the entire chain is also a major topic. The book is easy reading and the illustrations support the text very effectively.

The material in this book is excellent for e.g. studying for the Hygiene Proficiency Test and for institutions to use as lecturing material. It is also a great book for experienced employees in the food industry for use as a recapitulation tool. The material has been tested with hundreds of test trainees and the feedback has been positive. The book is great for use in independent studying and in combination with the hygiene proficiency training. Layout and illustration are identical with the Finnish original Elintarvikehygienian perusteet book.

Excerpt from contents:

  • Food hygiene
  • Personal hygiene
  • Food poisonings
  • Dangers and risk factors
  • Responsibilities
  • Cleaning and sanitation
  • In-house control and reporting conduct
  • Waste disposal
  • Oiva-system

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