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The deliveries sent during PAU's strike are delivered by Christmas



The deliveries sent during PAU's strike are delivered by Christmas

PAU's strike has ended and the delayed deliveries are now in process. Posti will deliver the delayed deliveries by Christmas. Small amount of deliveries are delivered on January. Please note that there may still be delays on new orders' deliveries. It is still possible to pick up your online store order or pay for a package delivery.

The instructors are also waiting many hygiene passports' deliveries for signing. Please request a temporary certificate if you need the hygiene passport quickly.

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PAU's strike delays deliveries - agree a pick up or order a package delivery

Are you about to order a book on Hygienepassport.fi online store or need your official Hygiene Passport quickly? Please note, that the PAU's strike on 11.–24.11.2019 will delay Posti's letter deliveries even weeks. The delays on package deliveries are estimated to be days. If you want to speed up your product delivery during the strike and right after please add Additional handling and postage fee to your cart and we will send your order as a package. You can also pick up your order from our office, Iso Roobertinkatu 20–22 A, Helsinki.

Most likely the strike will also effect to the deliveries of Hygiene Passports when the printing house sends the certificates to the instructors. If you need the certificate soon, please ask the instructor send you a temporary certificate.

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Posti's news, 7.11.2019