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Keep your hygiene passport safe and how to order a new one


Did you know that there is no official register of the completed hygiene passports? Hygiene passport (the certificate and the card) must be kept in safe so you can proof your proficiency for example to your employer or the health inspector.

So where to put each piece? Keep the card always with you at work. The official certificate is good to have at home in a safe place, for example with your employment certificates. Take a copy of the certificate to your employer, if needed. Do not give your original certificate or card to anyone else's archives.

Have you lost your hygiene passport?

If you loose your hygiene passport, a renewal order is usually possible. If you have lost the other half (the certificate or the card), you can order a new one through any hygiene passport tester. Please return the secured half to the tester.

If you loose the certificate and the card, only your own tester can order the new hygiene passport, based on the original test paper. From 1.1.2020 on the testers have to archive the test papers for five years. Before 1.1.2020 the archiving rule was three years.

If your name has changed, please send an official certificate of the name change to the tester. Please don't send any attachments including sensitive information through email.

If the renewal order is not possible the hygiene passport test has to be taken again.

Please note! Starting from 1.1.2020 the renewal order is not possible if the hygiene passport has been accepted based on school certificate.

The renewal order through Hygienepassport.fi

Before the renewal order, please contact our customer service. The tester needs additional information for the order. Please let us know the reason, why you need another hygiene passport, if you have lost one or two parts of it, where and when have you done the test and the examiner ID.

The payment can be done on our online store.

Read more about the renewal order through Finnish Food Safety Authority's website.

Additional information about the name change on Finnish Food Safety Authority's website.

Contact Hygienepassport.fi.