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The hygiene test you are looking for has been cancelled.

Registration to the Hygiene Proficiency test

Please sign up for the selected test by entering your information in the registration fields below. You can also enter your user name and password if you have registered earlier. Please find payment methods below. Your contact details will be saved so we can send you important information regarding the tests.

Please note that the test registration is binding and the test fee will be charged unless a written notice of cancellation is given prior than 12 hours of the test. A confirmation email will be sent to the given email address.

Test information

Time 18.00
Language(s) English
Organizer Työtehoseura, TTS
Location Turun ammattikorkeakoulu, luentosali B170 Sampo
Lemminkäisenkatu 30
20520 Turku

In the middle part of the first floor. The door has SAMPO written on it with large typing. Follow the signage from the entrance.

Test type English language test / Special situation test
Price VAT 24%
  • Test price, Online payment 53,00
  • Test price, student, Online payment 50,00
  • Test renewal, Online payment 30,00
  • Test price, Cash payment 55,00
  • Test price, student, Cash payment 53,00
  • Test renewal, Cash payment 35,00

Please note! This is a special situation test and is accessible only for those persons who are unable to conduct the normal test. The profiency examiner will determine the admission to the test case by case. Please follow the instructions carefully.

Additional information

This test will be organized if a minimum of 5 persons attends the test. Please note that the test registration is binding and possible cancellations must be done by email to info@hygienepassport.fi 12 hours before the test the latest.

Arrive to the test location at least 15 minutes before the test. Please bring a valid official identity card and a valid student card if you are a student.

Acceptable forms of identification

  • Finnish documents: Finnish ID card, passport, driving licence
  • Foreign countries: official passport
  • Alien’s passport, refugee's travel document
  • Stamped document that proves that the passport is in custody of an authority. Copy of the passport has to be attached.
  • Official ID card that also works as a travel document that is issued by one of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

More information about valid identity cards can be found on our websites under Frequently Asked Questions.

Participants fill their name, surname and date of birth in the test form with capital letters. Participants can leave after 20 minutes of the test starting but there is no time limit for doing the test. The test consists of 40 statements, 34 of which must be correct to pass the test.

This test is a normal written test so please note that any tools, such as dictionaries are not allowed during the test. Answering must be done in writing and completely independently with a blue ball-point pen. The answers has to be marked with a cross (X) to a “right” or “wrong” box depending on whether the participants agrees or disagrees the statement. If the answer is changed the first answer must be clearly covered and the new answer crossed.

Any cheating or using any tools is forbidden. Not following the instructions is a reason for the instructor to interrupt the test of the participant and remove the participant from the test.

Welcome to the test and best of luck!

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Plase state the information in dd.mm.yyyy (e.g. 25.05.1990). This information is mandatory for the Hygiene Proficiency passport and it will not be shared to third parties.

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