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Hygiene Proficiency Test for your group

If you are unable to attend a regular Hygiene Proficiency Test or if you are arranging a test for a group of people the instructor may also come to a location that you have assigned.

Situations like this could be for example school children, student groups, organization or society members or most commonly - company employees. You can also request a test in some specific language if we don't have a test open in that language or the test schedule or place is not suitable for you. Please collect at least a group of five and we can arrange a test in the language of your choise (if there is a translator available).

The location has to be approved by the instructor before the test can be arranged. There should be enough seats at the test location to enable individual answering. Privacy has to be ensured as well. People who attend the Hygiene Proficiency Test cannot sit in a way that allows them see each other’s test sheets. The instructor must be informed about the exact space and address of the planned Hygiene Proficiency Test location at the time of booking. For example classrooms, meeting rooms or festival halls work well as testing environment.

Hygiene Proficiency Test can be arranged in all parts of Finland as long as the booking is made well in advance so do request for an offer and suggest us test locations, dates and times best suitable for your group. Please note that an order and registration to all special situation tests has to be done a minimum of eight days prior to the scheduled test date. Order for tests that need translation process has to be ordered at least 15 days prior to the scheduled test date.

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