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Hygiene Passport Helps Getting a Job


When screenwriter Florian Müßener moved to Finland he wanted to get a kick-start for job-hunting by getting the Hygiene Passport.

Finding a job in Finland might sometimes be difficult in the beginning. A typical hinder is the language barrier, but sometimes even a missing certificate might be between the worker and the employer.

When screenwriter Florian Müßener moved to Finland he wanted to get a kick-start for job-hunting by getting the Hygiene Passport. Florian had a background in screenwriting and in the movie business. However it’s not that easy to just hop in the movie business in Finland.

– My first goal was trying to sustain myself in Finland, so I aimed for the “easy access labour market” like bars and restaurants. However, all the restaurants in this branch require the hygiene passport and of course I understand that you need to know the basics about health and hygiene, he explains.

A food hygiene proficiency certificate is required by law from employees working with unpackaged and easily perishable foods. Such foods are for example milk, meat and fish. Typical work places are for example cafeterias, hotels and restaurants.

Florian looked for tests online and discovered Hygienepassport.fi which offers the test in a variety of languages. He decided to take the test in English even though his mother tongue is German. Florian’s English was on a good level since he had earlier studied screen writing in the UK.

– I found a good test date and location in the heart of Helsinki and it was really easy to book the test from the website, he says.

The test encompasses 40 statements, which are either true or false, and you must be able to select the proper alternative for at least 34 of these statements. Florian passed the test on the second try.

– After failing the first test, I noticed this is not just common sense and ordered some study material from Hygieniapassi.fi. It’s kind of an entry level to food science. I studied a few hours and passed the test.

And what happened on the work front? A few days after the test Florien signed a work contract with a restaurant. 

Hygienepassport.fi offers regular tests every week in all of Finland. We offer translated tests in a variety of languages and can also arrange the test in sign language or in braille. We can also set up private tests and courses. Browse our pages for more information and book a test from the calendar. Please contact our customer service for any questions.